BeReady app allows you to Create, design, cook, time your dishes! Take back control over your kitchen. From now on, every meal can be a success, because you can time multiple dishes simultaneously. Choose from three types of timers; a burner, oven or microwave and create a layout that resembles your kitchen. Start cooking more efficiently with a countup or countdown timer set that you created to match the appliances you are working with.

BeReady offers unlimited combinations of timers, to be arranged in every which way plus 5 memory slots to name and save your custom layouts. Use one of the 5 fixed pre-designed layouts for a quick and easy start. 

The easy to use, intuitive touch interface allows to drag, drop, resize, enlarge or reduce the timers your way. 
Use BeReady for daily meals, to assist when trying out new recipes and as an indispensable multi timer when cooking dinner for friends or preparing a memorable dinner party. 

BeReady makes timing your dishes fun and easy and makes you in control of your kitchen. Start now!

- 5 custom layout memory slots with countup or countdown timers
- 5 prefixed layout for a quick start
- intuitive touch interface 
- rotate, enlarge and reduce for creative, cool and custom layouts
- great graphics assembling burner, oven and microwave 
- made by cooks for cooks, so we know what you want

Available on the Appstore.