BeTimed v5.0 is released on the AppStore

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BeTimed v5.0 Key features :-

- supports latest iOS 9.2

- design as many custom workout routines as you need.

- add custom steps to each routine with name, duration in hours, minutes and seconds, description, type, sounds and other options.

- add rest steps between your workout steps depending on your workout for flexibility.

- easily arrange the steps of each workout by simple drag and drop.

- easily copy any step many times to configure any tabata or repeating type of interval training workouts.

- play each of your routines with screens in two styles - an informative style with all the information about each step of your workout or a minimalist zen style with few necessary elements for your workout steps.  

- BeTimed runs efficiently in the background as well.

- Streamlined help screens to guide you with each feature along the way.

- Optional "Zen" minimalist mode when you run your routine steps to keep things simple.

Download it here