BeTimed v3.0 is available on the AppStore for your iPhone and iOS device

It gives us great pleasure to announce that BeTimed v3.0 is availble for download on the AppStore.

New features:-

  • Support for iOS 7.1.2 : BeTimed is built with the latest iOS SDK.
  • 'Copy' feature: One can easily copy (and paste) a step by swiping left to expose the 'Copy' button and simply press it.  A new step for that activity with all the same properties (name, sound, duration etc) gets created and added to the end of the steps for the Activity.
  • Rating enabled for this app from within the app.  Now you can give us that positive rating on the AppStore easily.

For those that dont have the App - Get BeTimed "the best interval timer for Yoga, Meditation and any interval training from tabata to MMA".


BeTimed Team