Happy New Year 2014 and Q1 news

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We were busy designing and developing the best timer apps in 2013 and will continue to do so in 2014. First, we would like to thank our user community that have bought the product and supported us.

Here are our current plans for the first quarter of 2014 for our portfolio of products :-

  • BeTimed and BeTimedHD : Our flagship timer apps will be updated in early Q1 2014. Some of the new features will definitely include charts that show the history of activity (when each activity was run). We will track this history as per user needs and it may be driven by settings. Other features planned are features to support other interval based workouts like HIIT, tabata etc.
  • ZenActivity  timer app: Development on major update is complete. This should be in your hands in January 2014. Major UI improvements, support for multiple workouts (each with unlimited steps), improved screen layouts to make them more iOS 7 friendly. Better instructions and way cool. New website for ZenActivity timer will be at http://www.zenactivity.com
  • BeReady : Our timer for your kitchen according to you own kitchen's layout will be improved in early 2014. We are still gathering all the requirements for the update.

We will continue to deliver our best products in 2014 and beyond. Thank you again for your support!  Please follow us on twitter!

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