ZenActivity timer App - Meditation, yoga and interval training customized your way

ZenActivity timer app enables you to setup individually timed intervals for each of your yoga kriyas, meditations or workouts for training. Use it for any of your interval based workouts with complete customization for workout and rest intervals.

Key features: 
- Add unlimited custom steps to a workout, the steps can be categorized as Exercise, Stretch, Rest and Meditation
- Support for upto three different workouts with each workout having any number of workout and rest steps
- Each step duration can be in hours, minutes and seconds. eg. easily add a kriya or meditation for 3 mimutes and 45 seconds or a rest interval for 15 seconds; you customize you workout intervals your way
- Customize each interval with ending sound, vibration(if available), variable volume as well as description 
- Flexible as your workout can easily be changed by moving items simply by dragging and dropping 
- Listen to your music during your workout as ZenActivity timer works with all players 
- ZenActivity timer runs efficiently in the background for any workout
- Perfect for Yoga teachers and students, MMA workouts, boxing or any kind of interval training even progressive muscle relaxation
- Cool, intuitive new design optimized to leverage iOS7
- Supports Airplay (on iOS7) to play on your Apple TV/TV
- Detailed help screens for each app feature

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